Installing jGrasp

jGRASP Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

At least initially, we will use jGRASP in class and you should do the same when working outside of the classroom. To install jGRASP, you will need two things:

  1. Java JDK:

  2. jGRASP:;dl=download_jgrasp.html

If the links are no longer valid, consider doing a search for "JDK Download".

Here is an overview of installation. It includes links that bundle the JDK and jGrasp together:

Installation is fairly automatic. If you have problems, please contact Mr. Stride and he’ll help you get things up and running (probably serving up a dose of sarcasm as he does it). Our computers at school will already have multiple Java IDEs installed. For more information on jGRASP:

To use Eclipse, you'll need two things:

  1. Java JDK:

  2. Eclipse:

As of May, 2019, the Eclipse you want is: "Eclipse IDE 2019-3".

For those wanting to do Space Battle Arena, here is a direct link to a presentation: SBA Intro