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Microsoft Internship

iFly Field Trip

We are going to iFly to experience indoor skydiving. Here is a brochure.

Included in the experience is:

  • Transportation by School Bus
  • Lunch (pizza)
  • An educational lab where they will learn about fluid dynamics and terminal velocity
  • Classroom time discussing the software development to support iFly
  • Demonstration of various objects in the flight tunnel
  • Two 1-minute flights

Optional: (Student must pay Extra Fees collected @iFly )

  • High Flight ($7.95+ tax) (click here to view high flight video)
  • Video of Flight ($5.75+ tax)

Due to the high costs and limited budget, attendance will be limited, and all students must pay a small $20 fee to attend.


  • Due: Wednesday, March 11th
  • Amount: $20 to NCHS Cashier

There FOUR REQUIRED forms to complete: (Due: Tuesday, March 17th)

  1. Hold Harmless Consent Form (NSD)
  2. Parent Permission Form (NSD)
  3. Teacher Consent
  4. Online Parent Waiver (iFly): Once Mr. Stride has added the Student to the guest list, you'll get an invitation via email which will include a link to an online waiver form. You need to pay first.

MIT Summer Camp

See flier here.

My name is Lisa Kelley, I work at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and run a summer program for high school and middle school students at MIT in Cambridge MA. We would like to get the information about our program out to as many students as possible. Our program is free to all local students. Students who are not local may be required to pay a room and board fee.

Is there any way you could send out the information to your students and families about our program? In particular, please forward to your guidance counselors who will know students that would be interested. If you would like to talk with us about what the program we can set up a conference call. Below is background information on the program, with news and YouTube channel links and 2 sided flyer that can be posted.

The MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI) Online Educational Program Nomination for students is now open for 2020! Students must be nominated by a teacher or guidance counselor in order to participate in the program. To nominate your students use this link https://mit-bwsi.formstack.com/forms/bwsi_nomination_onlinecourse_2020 .

The student will need a password for their portion of the registration for the online course. The password you should give the student once you nominate them is BWSIonline2020.