Registration Deadline: Oct 29, 2019

Satisfactory/Not-Satisfactory Grading:

There has been a change in the process and deadline for students who wish to receive a Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory (S/NS) UW grade rather than a numerical grade. The deadline for students to submit their request has been removed. To request the S/NS grading option before the end of the course, students are required to email the Registration Office at c2reg@uw.edu with their student name, student id number, course title and course registration number. If students are submitting a request after the course has ended, they need to email the UWHS office at uwhs@uw.edu with the above information.

Ordering Official UW Student Transcripts:

The University of Washington has partnered with a service called Parchment to accept and process online orders. Official transcripts can no longer be ordered via MyUW or through the UW campus Registrar or Registration offices. Transcripts are also not available for in-person pickup. Official transcripts can be ordered online 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. A UW NetID is no longer required to order the official transcript. Instructions and complete information are provided on the UW website: https://registrar.washington.edu/students/transcripts/. Please note that students must use the link to Parchment available on the UW website.

See bottom for Q&A.

We are proud to offer our students taking AP Computer Science the opportunity to earn 4 University of Washington credits for UW Computer Science 142 for 10th, 11th and 12th grade Students. The cost of these credits are $305* ($260, plus a $45 UW registration fee). Use the Registration button above which is this link: https://www.uwhs.uw.edu/

The UW Computer Science program has approved AP CS A at NCHS. This means students can graduate North Creek High School with a UW transcript with 4 credits! This is a great opportunity to earn UW credits for a fraction of the cost while at North Creek High School, but it also means that registered students are making the commitment to put in the extra effort to succeed in AP CS A, since the grade in this class will go on their permanent UW record.

UW in HS Fact details can be found on line at: https://www.uwhs.uw.edu/students-parents/ . For more details regarding the UW in the High School program visit the website: https://www.uwhs.uw.edu/, and you can contact the program with any questions at c2reg@uw.edu or (206) 543-2310. And if there is any questions I can answer regarding our AP class, feel free to contact me, Mr. Stride, at jstride@nsd.org.

More Details about UW in HS:

  • Registration: You'll need to register on the web (deep link is here). Use this special registration number, Reg#: 192498.

  • Registration Presentation: You can watch this new registration presentation. (It is for 2019-20, but I believe the information therein is still valid).

  • Partner Schools: https://www.uwhs.uw.edu/partner-schools/

  • Cost: $305. Course Fee: $260, Registration Fee: $45 (Note: If students are registering for more than one course that starts in the same term, they only need to pay the registration fee once. However, if the student later registers for a second semester class, the registration fee will need to be paid again at that time.)

  • Just in case, Drop & Withdrawal policy: https://www.uwhs.uw.edu/students-parents/drops-withdrawals/

  • UW Transcripts. Students are not automatically sent a UW transcript. There is a $11 fee for each official transcript (+ $2 convenience fee if done online), which can be ordered via a student’s MyUW page or by using the Transcript Request Form. For additional information about how students can request their transcript visit: https://www.uwhs.uw.edu/students-parents/grades-transcripts/

In addition, students in AP CS are encouraged to take the Advanced Placement Exam in early May.

* Please note that the UWHS fee is non-refundable and there are predefined rules if a student decides to withdraw from the program. The UW grade earned through this program will be on your permanent UW record. Details on computing the final grade for UW in the HS will be provided shortly.

Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a Transaction Summary via email. This serves as the receipt for your payment and confirmation that you have been registered for UW credit. Keep these emails as they contain the information needed to create your UW NetID.


Q: Should I do UWHS or the AP CS A Exam?

A: It is up to you. Honestly, if my child were in the class, I'd just do the AP Exam because it is widely accepted, cheaper and the grading is a bit easier. BUT, the UW Transcript is cool. You can do one, neither, or both. You may apply for UW credit and NOT the AP test, and vice versa. I highly encourage the AP CS A Exam, but it is not required. If you can't decide, go with the AP CS A Exam because it is cheaper. If you choose to take the AP Exam, you must pay for it at: https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/480013 (link may change)

Q: Which is more accepted by universities? Which one is better for my student?

A: There is a small set of schools that will accept the AP Exam score but not the UW Credit. There is also a small set of schools that accept UW Credit while not accepting the AP Exam. Most schools accept both. You should verify with your specific school what credit they accept. Each is accepted by about 80-90% of the universities.

If your student is good at getting homework done on time, and takes pride in her work, then it is possible that her UW grade could be higher than the AP Exam score. Of course, you can’t get higher than a 5 on the AP Exam.

A large percentage of the students in my class got a 5 on the AP Exam over these past few years. 90% got a 3 or greater. Those are really high scores. Future results are not guaranteed. Your student’s score will depend on your student.

It is tough to decide what to do. It would almost be easier if you didn’t have choice, right?

Q: What are the differences between UWHS and the AP CS A Exam?

A: Here is a quick summary.

The AP CS A Exam costs less (approximately $110). The AP Exam earns the student a score strictly from the AP Exam--no homework, no projects, no high school tests or quizzes are considered. The AP Exam will provide the student with credit according to the rules of the specific institution. You need to check with the school to determine that. Some schools give credit if a certain score is achieved, while some select schools don't give credit at all. By and large, the AP CS A Exam earns you credit more broadly than the UWHS option.

The UWHS costs more ($305). The student earns a university transcript from UW and the grade is earned from all classwork and exams taken during the school year. Once enrolled, students have only a limited time to drop out. The course credit will transfer to all Washington universities (except for two), and to many other nationwide universities, but not as many as the AP CS A Exam.