Video Links

Below are the Videos made by Mr. Stride.

For the latest list, please visit Mr. Stride's YouTube Channel.

Text Excel Videos

Unit 10 - ArrayLists (By Mr. Mulvaney)

Unit 11 - Searching & Sorting

UW Videos

These videos are from University of Washington and can be used to augment your understanding of the material we cover in class.

video 1-3: Static Methods

video 1-4: Complex Figures

video 2-1: Expressions

video 2-2: Variables/Assignments

video 2-3: For Loop

video 2-4: Nested Loops

video 2-5: Complex Figure

video 3-1: Parameter Mystery

video 3-2: Parameters & Return Values

video 3-3: Strings

video 3-4: Scanner (Programming with parameters and for-loops with Scanner)

video 3G-1: Basic Drawing

video 3G-2: Parameterized Drawing

video 4-2: Nested if/else Statements

video 4-3: Factoring if/else

video 4-4: Programming with if/else and Cumulative Sums

video 5-1: Random Numbers

video 5-2: Fencepost Loops

video 5-3: Sentinel Loops

video 5-4: Boolean Zen

video 5-5: Assertions

video 6-1: Token-based Processing

video 6-2: Line-based Processing

video 6-3: Processing Complex Input Files

Video 7-1: Array Basics (Mr. Mulvaney)

Video 7-2a: Traversing arrays (a) (Mr. Mulvaney)

Video 7-2b: Traversing arrays (b) (Mr. Mulvaney)

video 7-1: Array Simulation

video 7-2: Array Traversal Algorithms

video 7-3-1: Array Shifting Algorithms

video 7-3-2: Tallying with an Array

video 8-1: Defining a Class

video 8-2: Constructors

video 8-3: Advanced Instance Methods

video 8-4: Encapsulation

video 9-1: Interacting with the Superclass

video 9-2: Polymorphism

video 9-3: Interfaces

video 10-1: Removing From an ArrayList

video 10-2: Adding To an ArrayList

video 10-3: Implementing Comparable

video 11-1: List Example

video 11-2: Set Example

video 11-3: Map Example

video 12-1: Recursive Tracing

video 12-2: Implementing a Recursive Function

video 12-3: Implementing a Recursive Method

video 13-1: Binary Search

video 13-2: Sorting

video 13-3: Complexity

video 14-1: GUI Basics

video 14-2: Layout Management

video 14-3: More Components and Events

video 15-1: ArrayIntList: Middle of the List

video 15-2: ArrayIntList: Pre/Post

video 15-3: ArrayIntList: Exception

video 16-1: Linked List: Working with Nodes

video 16-2: LinkedIntList: Traversal

video 16-3: LinkedIntList: Complex Operation