Video Links

This page lists LOTS of videos for AP CS A.

UW CSE 142 - Stuart Reges - Spring 2020 Playlist

  • These fabulous lectures focus on understanding the fundamental principles through coding examples in jGrasp.

  • These are the longest but most comprehensive videos and are highly recommended!

Mr. Stride's YouTube Channel

  • These videos attempt to cover material not covered in the other video presentations that is important for the AP Exam and NCHS assessments (quizzes/exams).

  • These may help with homework assignments specific to NCHS.

Mr. Mulvaney's YouTube Channel

  • These videos usually instruct the student through coding examples in BlueJ.

  • They are usually pretty short and target a single concept at time.

Other UW Videos:

  • These are usually focused on solving some specific problem and walk the user through the solution in jGrasp.

Videos By Unit

There are four different authors with plenty of redundancy of content in these videos. It can be hard to decide which video to watch.

The Lecture videos by Stuart Reges are pretty much comprehensive and don't fit into any ordering. The other videos are targeting fewer concepts and are listed in the order to be watched. You don't have to watch them all. Pick the topic you are interested in or need a little extra help with, or the one that Mr. Stride assigned to you.

Unit 1 - Intro to Java

Unit 2 - Primitive Data & Definitive Loops

Unit 3 - Parameters

Unit 4 - Conditional Execution

Unit 5 - Programming Logic & Loops

video 5-2: Fencepost Loops (404)

video 5-3: Sentinel Loops

video 5-4: Boolean Zen

video 5-5: Assertions

Lecture 13 - Fencepost (51:57) - Stuart Reges

Unit 6 - File Processing

video 6-1: Token-based Processing

video 6-2: Line-based Processing

video 6-3: Processing Complex Input Files

video 7-1: Array Simulation

Video 4.2 - Traversing Arrays (24:35) - Mr. Mulvaney

video 7-2: Array Traversal Algorithms

video 7-3-1: Array Shifting Algorithms

video 7-3-2: Tallying with an Array

video 8-1: Defining a Class

video 8-2: Constructors

video 8-3: Advanced Instance Methods

video 8-4: Encapsulation (11:55)

video 9-1: Interacting with the Superclass

video 9-2: Polymorphism

video 9-3: Interfaces

video 10-1: Removing From an ArrayList

video 10-2: Adding To an ArrayList

video 10-3: Implementing Comparable

video 11-1: List Example

video 11-2: Set Example

video 11-3: Map Example

video 12-1: Recursive Tracing

video 12-2: Implementing a Recursive Function

video 12-3: Implementing a Recursive Method

video 13-1: Binary Search

video 13-2: Sorting

video 13-3: Complexity

video 14-1: GUI Basics

video 14-2: Layout Management

video 14-3: More Components and Events

video 15-1: ArrayIntList: Middle of the List

video 15-2: ArrayIntList: Pre/Post

video 15-3: ArrayIntList: Exception

video 16-1: Linked List: Working with Nodes

video 16-2: LinkedIntList: Traversal

video 16-3: LinkedIntList: Complex Operation

Unit 3G - DrawingPanel

video 3G-1: Basic Drawing

video 3G-2: Parameterized Drawing

College Board Videos

YouTube Playlist here (not in the best order)

Latest Unit-by-Unit Videos (Requires AP College Board account & Join Code)