CSE 163: Intermediate Data Programming: Machine Learning & Data Science

Daily Resources

  • Daily Tracker - A spreadsheet that follows classroom work on a daily basis

  • Online Lessons - Complete these lessons at home before attending class

  • Code-Step-by-Step - Complete basic practice problems and basic checkpoints here

  • ReplIt - Complete harder practice problems and harder checkpoints here. Get starter code for Programming Projects here

  • CodePost - Turn in your Programming Projects into CodePost

  • Schoology - Find classroom specific information in Schoology

python Resources

  • Style Guide - See the coding conventions required for this Python class

  • Cheat Sheet - UW Python 3 Cheat Sheet (2 pages)

  • Learn X in Y - An excellent set of notes showing the fundamentals of Python

  • Java-2-Python-3 - An iPython Notebook (in this GitHub) to help transfer knowledge from Java to Python

  • Python Documentation - Documentation of the basics of Python in tutorial form

Startup Resources

For Fun

Project Euler: This site has lots of math puzzles that require a computer program to solve. How many problems can you solve on ProjectEuler?