Swim & DIVE

Covid Delay

Due to COVID-19, the Swim & Dive seasons have been moved. The meet schedule is currently unknown. Practice time & location are the same and shown below.

  • Boys' Season: Feb 1 - March 14

  • Girls' Season: March 15 - April 25

Registering for Swimming

The first thing to do is Register for athletics here.

Here is a very quick summary of the registration process: pay a registration fee ($154), buy an ASB card/sticker, register through FinalForms, get a physical (which is good for 2 years) and fill out the form and turn it into NCHS, and meet eligibility requirements.

Turning in forms

Athletes must email their forms to the Athletic Secretary, Susan Pearson, at spearson@nsd.org. Forms canNOT yet be turned in directly into Final Forms... yet. Athletes are cleared to practice once Susan Pearson reviews the forms. You can also fax or snail-mail the forms to Susan Pearson at NCHS.

Boys Swim

2/1: The first day of practice at WEST (see below)

Meets (visiting team vs home team). All dual meets' competitions start with diving no later than 3:00pm and will end at 5:30pm. There are buses both ways for all meets. The bus will leave NCHS at 1:50pm.

Diving is a bit different this year.

OLD Draft Swim Meet Schedule

  • 1/14: NC @ Ingl (Juanita Pool)

  • 1/21: Lwas @ NC (Juantia Pool)

  • 1/28: NC @ Redm (Redmond Pool)

  • 2/4: Elak @ NC (Redmond Pool)

  • 2/11: NC @ Juan (Juanita Pool)

OLD Post-Season Swim Meets (DRAFT)

  • 2/12 & 2/13: KingCo Championship

  • 2/20: District Championship

  • 2/26 & 2/27: WIAA Culminating Event

Girls Swim

The WIAA delayed the start of Girls Swim & Dive to March 1st. The meet schedule is currently unknown.

3/15 : The first day of practice!

Meets (visiting team vs home team). All dual meets' competitions start with diving no later than 3:00pm and will end at 5:30pm. There are buses both ways for all meets. The bus will leave NCHS at 1:50pm.

OLD Draft Swim Meet Schedule

  • 3/18: NC @ Ingl (Juanita Pool)

  • 3/25: Lwas @ NC (Juanita Pool)

  • 4/1: NC @ Redm (Redmond Pool)

  • 4/8: Elak @ NC (Redmond Pool)

  • 4/15: NC @ Juan (Juanita Pool)

OLD Post Season Swim Meets

  • 4/16 & 4/17: KingCo Championship

  • 4/24: District Championship

  • 4/30 & 5/1: WIAA Culminating Event

Post Season Details are posted here.

Official Schedule is found here.


Communication through Remind is frequent and time critical. Please join the Remind.com group by joining "@ncswimdive". It is imperative that all swimmers join because there is a high need for quick and direct communication with the athlete. Swimmers should have communication through their phone so that they read the messages immediately.

Parents may/should join as well.

We are expected to provide timers and officials at all our meets. There is a a greater duty to provide timers and officials during our home meets. We will have a Sign-Up Genius to help get a sense of our volunteers.

Girls Dive Information

Mitch Craig will be the diving coach. I will post more information specific to diving here when available. Regular practices are held at the Juanita Pool from 2:50pm - 4:10pm.

Practice Transportation

There are no buses to practices. Swimmers need to arrange for their own rides, which may include carpooling with other parents/swimmers, so long as all parents are fully informed and give consent. We will have buses to every regular season swim meet.

We practice 5 days a week, in the mornings from 5:30AM – 6:30AM, except for the days that we have meets. School starts at 7:30AM which gives only 1 hour to get out of the pool and into the classroom.

Before swimmers are eligible to compete in a meet, they must have attended 10 practices. No exceptions.

Address of practice locations:

West Coast Aquatics

15622 Country Club Drive

Bothell, WA 98012


Distance from NCHS: 4.1 miles (12 minutes)


Please go to the Equipment Page for details.


If parents are able to get involved and participate in fundraisers, the costs for the equipment listed above can be somewhat offset/reduced. I, personally, am not adept at driving fundraisers, so parent involvement here would be greatly appreciated. Funds raised may be used for Senior Awards, end-of-year Swim Banquet, invite swim meet entry dues, and other miscellaneous items.

How to Letter

Details are posted here.

Team Banquet

Date TBD: We will have an awards banquet to recognize each athlete for their achievements during the season. This is a fun event for parents and the entire family. All swimmers are expected to attend. Details to come later.

Parent involvement

Parents are needed to help during the meets. There are several ways that contribute to the success of a season: Meet Starter/Referee, Timers, Scorekeeper, Snacks, and Fundraiser Organizer.

Plans for inclement weather

It is unusual to experience snow or extreme weather. However, in the event of extreme weather, we will follow what the district has directed. For example, if school is cancelled, there is no practice. If there is a late start, practice is cancelled. If evening activities were cancelled the previous day, there will be no morning practice.

If it is an icy morning, parents should keep their swimmers home rather than risk the treacherous roads. If you are not going to make it to practice, please send me a Remind message so that I know not to expect you at the pool.

If I need to cancel practice at the last minute, I will send out an announcement via Remind to let you all know. Being on Remind is CRITICAL.

WIAA State Rules

  • 62.3.0 Swimmers must practice their entire practice session with their High School team to be eligible to compete for that team.

  • 18.19.2 Schools may not give special treatment or privileges on a regular basis to enable them to participate in non-school athletic activities, such as reduced practice times, special workouts, late arrivals or early dismissals.

  • 22.2.4 Individuals and teams that qualify for a state qualifying event must compete unless exempted by the appropriate level.

  • 22.2.5 By entering participants in postseason competition, each member school certifies that, barring injury, illness, religious observance or unforeseen events, the team or individuals representing the school will participate in every level of competition through the completion of the state championship event.

Academic Responsibilities

  • Academics are imperative to success, both as an athlete and student. Swimmers are required to maintain a 2.0. See: https://northcreek.nsd.org/athletics/eligibility

  • If swimmers are struggling academically, they should come talk to the coaches so we can develop a plan to help you out. Remember, swimmers are a student first, then an athlete.