Team Suit and Equipment

Must Buy:

  • Nothing this year


  • Fins (highly recommended)

  • Paddles

  • Mesh Equipment Bag

  • Swim Caps (latex/silicone)

  • Duffel Bag

Girls' swim Suits

  • Any black suite will do.

  • Purple straps is nice.

  • Here are two recommended suites you can get if you want.

(featured in image) TYR Durafast Elite hexa Cutoutfit.

TYR Durafast Elite hexa Diamondfit:


A team suit is required to compete at swim meets. We will post a document that has detailed instructions for ordering a swim suit. The DEADLINE comes and goes quickly. Essentially, you'll go to our team ordering page at to purchase a team suit and other optional items, such as goggles and fins. We will have fitting suits to try on during the first week of practice so that you can choose an appropriate size. These suits are nonrefundable: you must try on the suit before purchasing online.

*Returning NCHS swimmers: if you have a team suit from last year that still fits you, you may choose to reuse it for competition this year. You do not have to purchase the new suit if you have last year's team suit and it fits.


Swim caps with our jaguar logo are available for sale at the school cashier's office: $15 for silicone.

Cashier: Kristi Waligorski. (

Online Payment Link:


Team duffel bags are available at Risan Athletics. To order, call them directly at (425) 821-5172, or email Bags are $59.95 + sales tax + shipping. Includes a shoulder strap and your name printed on the side. They are of heavyweight quality and look like this:

Boy swim Suits

Our captains have chosen this suit for 2019-20. The team will do special ordering. For reference only:

Arena Spray Paint Jammer

Arena Spray Paint Briefs