Letter Requirements

These are the minimum requirements to be eligible for a Varsity Letter:

  • Attend 70% of all practice days - no exceptions! Excused absences do not count. If you are not in the water on time, you will not be given credit for attending that practice.
  • Attend all dual meets whether you as swimming or not. Only exceptions are previously discussed with the coach: 1) Personal health/safety, 2) Family, 3) School/Teacher requirement.
  • Attend the KingCo Championship meet in an individual event or relay.
  • If you are expelled from practice or competition you will not be allowed to letter.

Alternate Lettering Requirements available to Seniors ONLY:

  • Attend 90% of all practices with same restrictions as above
  • Attend all meets, including post-season meets. Only exceptions are: 1) personal health/safety, 2) family, 3) School/Teacher requirement.
  • Show significant improvement from the beginning to the end of the season (determined by coach)
  • Contribute to Team Unity through leadership, hosting/arranging team events, or other positive sportsmanship (determined by coach).


  • Individual circumstances will be considered. The Head Coach as the final say.
  • Contributions to the Team are considered as a plus.

The dive coach will give the divers their varsity requirements.