Swimmer Expectations

Please fill out this form online. (Link coming soon)


  • In order to practice, every swimmer must complete registration.

  • To compete in the first meet, swimmers must attend 10 practices.

  • Swimmers must have their ASB card and be in good academic standing.

  • All swimmers are expected to train hard every day, and to treat themselves, teammates, and coaches with respect.

  • We share locker space with another team and members of the Mill Creek Country Club. Please do not touch other swimmers’ bags or personal items. The handicap lockers should be kept clear for members of Mill Creek Country Club.

  • Please arrive on time and be ready to go be in the water at 8:30 PM.


  • If you miss a practice, swimmers must notify the head coach prior to the absence via Remind. Any reason will be accepted as an excused absence. Honestly, any reason; there is no need to lie. Remind messages from parents will not count as an excused absence. Communication must come from the swimmer.

  • Tardiness (not in the pool at the start of practice) may result in an absence.

  • You are still required to attend every meet even if you are not competing; you will be assigned other duties unless ill. You should reserve time to go to post-season meets, even if you are not swimming in them. We are a team; the team will support and cheer on other swimmers.

  • Any student absent from school for more than half of the day is not eligible to participate in practice or meets (such absences do not include school related activities).

  • Swimmers are expected to stay for the entire duration of a swim meet, unless prior consent is given by the coach.

  • Divers who wish to compete in an individual swimming event must establish a schedule of two morning practices a week. Failure to attend one of these practices will limit their events to relays and dive events.

  • Missing 7 days of practice during the season will jeopardize your chances for a PE waiver at the end of the season.

  • Swimmers with an unexcused absence will not participate in the next meet.

  • Swimmers with 2 unexcused absences will be put on probation for 2 weeks. An unexcused absence while on probation may result in expulsion from the team. Swimmers may not not participate in meets while on probation, but they must attend the meets.

  • Raw attendance scores are used to determine qualification for a Varsity Letter.


Be responsible with your electronic communication. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of negative communication, including electronic.

It is critical to join Remind (Boys: @coachstrid) (Girls: @ncswimdive) and be very responsive to the messages. Messages should be sent to your mobile phone and not just an email account. If needed, you can email the coach at cstride@nsd.org or nnygren@nsd.org.