From Megan Madsen (9/15/2019)

Hello, my name is Megan Madsen. I am the parent director for girls swim through the Jaguar Booster Club. I am very excited to be a parent on this team for the third year. My daughter is a junior and one of the captains. As we get our season underway there are a couple items that need to be addressed.


The primary purpose of the booster club is to provide the girls with items/events/etc that will enhance their season to make it the best we can. Just like most things in life that means we need money. Many of the sports at North Creek have opted to do a 'team fee' which builds the budget for purchasing things for the kids. As a swim team we have decided to require a team fee of $77.25 ($75 + 3% credit card fee) if you would like to avoid the 3% charge, I will be at the swim meets and you can give me a check made out to JBC for $75. (Fees are due Sept 27th) This fee will include a team t-shirt for each girl, 2 personalized silicone swim caps with the name they chose and the Jag head, senior night gifts and expenses, coach's gifts, and the banquet. We do have some money in our account but there is not nearly enough to cover all of the expenses. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the finances, please email me personally ( In the team store there is also an opportunity for you to contribute an additional donation to the girls swim team if you would like.

To help build our booster fund we have decided to hold a small fundraiser. It is the same fundraiser that we did last year, sell Sees Chocolate Bars. We are requiring each girl to sell 15 candy bars for $2.50 each or you can do a buy out of $25.75 if selling things is not something you want to do. As with all Booster fundraisers, the girls CANNOT be involved. This is a PARENT fundraiser. If you are financially unable to contribute to this please contact Cathie at, your request for a sponsorship will remain COMPLETELY anonymous (Cathie will be the only one to know). Please contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

I also would like to address the upcoming Booster auction in the spring. We can make A LOT of money at this event. We had some parents from girls swim participate last year but we can do better if all of us work together. We get the money from the items we donate to the auction so if we donate something that goes for $100 we get it, if we donate something for $1000 we get it. I would love for everyone to start to procure items. These can be anywhere from trips, sports tickets, gift certificates, teeth whitening, as you can see the possibilities are endless. The auction will be in March. Please consider donating.


We have a live GIRLS SWIM store. As mentioned under Boosters, each swimmer is receiving a t-shirt (black dry-fit with the new logo and their last name on the back) so you don't need to place that order. I already got their sizes and last names. But, there are MANY more awesome items that our girls requested to include. It is wonderful for the girls to see their family supporting them by wearing team gear (you can even put a name or ###'s mom or dad on the back). Please take a look and place orders by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. The orders will go in first thing Thursday morning so we can get it back ASAP (hopefully within 2 weeks). Here is the store site Happy shopping!


Please visit the sign up genius sites to help provide food for the team. The girls love the team dinners because it gives them a time to bond in a relaxed environment. As we all know hungry girls don't swim as well as girls that are feeling fueled up. Please consider donating. Sign-Up Genius for Snacks. Please go to this sign-up Genius link to help with Team Dinners.

Thank you for all you do for your swimmer and the team! GO JAGS!!!!

Team Dinners

The captains are very excited to have some fun team dinners to keep the girls fueled and ready for a fun season. They have requested to have 4 team dinners so they really need help providing food and a casual atmosphere for these hungry swimmers. Please go to this sign-up Genius link to volunteer to bring food. Without volunteers, it won't be much of an event.

We are looking for 100% attendance! Please plan to be there. The first Team Dinner is Oct 4th.

Meet Snacks

Swimmers need food, not only to swim well, but to avoid getting HANGRY! Please go to this sign-up Genius link to volunteer to bring snacks to the meets. You can either deliver the snacks to the meet directly, or have your swimmer bring it, or deliver it to the bus at NCHS before we leave for the meet. The swimmers thank you!


Our high school meets are complete volunteer based. We need officials and timers at every meet. If you are a certified official, please reach out to Coach Jeff so that he can help coordinate dates for you to officiate. The joy you'll get from helping out will feed your soul for months! :-)


If you want a Parka, you can borrow one for the season. You'll sign for the parka and must return it in good condition at the end of the year. Since you missed the day these were handed out, you'll have to ask Coach Jeff to bring one to you at practice.

Swimmer Survey

Each swimmer should fill out this survey ASAP.